GLOBEST.COM  | 7.26.19

First Ground-Up Co-Living Project Comes to L.A.

Co-living brand Treehouse is breaking ground on a large-scale co-living concept in Hollywood, eponymously named Treehouse Hollywood. The project is the first ground-up, large-scale co-living concept in the market, which has been plagued by a housing shortage.

CURBED  | 3.12.19

Here are the hip co-living apartments under construction in Hollywood

Treehouse tenants will will spend a lot of time together—communal amenities will include a library, a dining hall-style eating area, and a cafe that is free for residents—but with safeguards for personal space.

URBANIZE.LA | 1.18.18

Co-Living Development Now Under Construction in Hollywood

Treehouse, a Los Angeles-based startup, has broken ground on what is billed as the nation’s first ground-up co-living community in Hollywood.

BISNOW | 1.28.18

Co-Living Project To Make Los Angeles A Little Less Lonely Place

Standing on the rooftop balcony of a neighboring apartment, Prophet Walker looks at his under-construction development below in Hollywood & sees what he believes is the future of multifamily living.


Meet the Activist Who’s Bringing the Co-Living Trend to Hollywood

Not all of Hollywood’s residential development projects are targeting the well-heeled. Come December, the doors to Treehouse, L.A.’s first co-living facility — where residents inhabit private quarters but share common living spaces, such as a kitchen and living room — will open on Carlton Way just south of Hollywood Boulevard.