This is a list of more detailed questions that people frequently ask about Treehouse. For the general scoop: learn more here.


How do I apply?

To apply for Treehouse, please follow this link to our application page.

How does the application process work?

To start the application process, please book a tour of our space.

However, if you already know you'd like to move in and are ready to apply before your tour, please apply here!

Once submitted, all applications are reviewed by existing residents who volunteer for the community review board. Approved applicants will be invited to meet with potential suitemates. We let you pick who you live with!

What is co-living?

How much is rent?

The rent in our first building in Hollywood starts at $1,788 and averages $2,369, depending on the unit. These prices are inclusive of the per-person monthly community fee, which is part of the rent, and covers utilities, WiFi, furniture, dinner every Sunday, and events.

How much is the security deposit?

One month's rent on approved credit. We also give residents the option to purchase security deposit insurance through Jetty instead, which is significantly less money up front (typically 20% of the security deposit amount) but is non-refundable.

How do I pay?

- Direct deposit (online, option for automatic billing)

- Credit card (3.5% fee, online, option for automatic billing)

- Cashier's check or money order (by mail)

When do I pay?

1st of each month

What is due upon signing my lease?

- Security deposit

- First month's rent which will be prorated relative to your move-in day

How long is the lease?

Leases are at least 1 year. We believe that building and nurturing a community takes time.

Is it a single house that people share?

No – it is an apartment building where residents can rent a studio or a private bedroom and bathroom within a shared suite.

What types of rooms do you offer?

- Studios

- Three-bedroom suites with private bedrooms and bathrooms and a shared kitchen

- Five-bedroom suites with private bedrooms and bathrooms and a shared kitchen

Will I be able to easily hear my suitemate from their room?

No, all shared suites have extensive soundproofing between bedrooms.

Does the furniture in my room include a TV?

No. We didn't put TVs in the bedrooms by default because there is a lot of evidence that it's not good for our sleep, love lives, or general happiness. However, all bedroom walls are ready for a TV to be installed. We're happy to mount your TV for a nominal price.

How many people to a bedroom?

Most of our bedrooms are designed for one adult. Some bedrooms are designed for two adults, with extra closet space and a bed that is easy to get into from both sides. Children don't count toward those limits.

What is provided in the kitchen?

We will be providing everything you need other than the food and the cooking talent. See below for a list of what is included.

- Cookware

- Dishware

- Cutlery

- Serving utensils

- Platters

- Appliances (including dishwasher)

- Glasses

- Mugs

Do you have storage?

We have small storage units available in the building for a nominal fee. We have also negotiated discounts with a few storage providers if you want something larger.

Can I receive mail & packages?

Yes, there are package lockers on the side of the building. Deliveries will be placed within a locker and residents will be texted a code to retrieve their package out of the locked locker. If a package needs a signature, you'll need to sign for it yourself.

Do you have parking?

Monthly parking is available starting at $150 per month.

Do you have bike parking?


Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have high-speed WiFi all over the building. There are also active ethernet ports in each room. 

Can residents reserve common spaces?


Which common spaces can be reserved?

Residents can reserve the living room, recording studio, stations within the artist studio, two of the private tables in the community dining room, the rooftop BBQs, and the movie screen on the rooftop. Click here to learn more about all the common spaces at Treehouse Hollywood.

Are there curfews?

No, but we like to respect people's sleeping hours. Suitemates can agree upon their own personal quiet times within their shared unit.

Is there a laundry room on site?

Yes, we have a communal laundry room where laundry is freeeee!  

Are pets allowed?

Yes, as long as your suitemates agree. There is an additional pet deposit of $800 and monthly pet rent of $50.

Can I apply with a friend, partner and/or child?


Can I pick my own suitemates?

Absolutely! We host gatherings for all incoming residents to meet one another and pick their suitemates.

If you are applying with friends, a partner or family member please make sure to list their names on your application.

Am I responsible if a suitemate does not pay their rent?


Am I responsible if my suitemate has to move out?


Can I pick my own living space?

Yes, residents will be able to choose from a variety of different options depending on availability and suitemate living preferences.

Does Treehouse provide cleaning services?

Yes, we clean the shared kitchens in the suites every two weeks. Additionally, residents can also schedule our maintenance team to come and clean your studio, bedroom, or kitchen for a nominal fee.

Who takes care of cleaning the common areas around Treehouse?

We do! We clean all the nooks and crannies in the communal spaces free of charge.

However, Treehouse residents are required to clean up their own messes after using communal spaces.

Does Treehouse have an app?

Yes, we use technology to bring people together and make life easier.

What about maintenance?

We'll take care of it! Residents can make a request as well as the track the status of that request through the Treehouse app.

Can I throw my own event in the common space?

Yes, this is your home!

Residents work directly with the onsite community manager to collaborate on events or host their own private events throughout the House.

Private events hosting 8 people or more require written notice in advance.

Can my friends come to events?

Some events are residents only, but many are open to friends and family.

How do I partner and work with TH?

We are open to working with people on events, interesting local businesses, and developers who want to help us build more Treehouses. Contact us here 

Still curious about something? Drop us a line to send a question anytime