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At Treehouse the root is community, the trunk is the communal space, the branches are the network of spacious apartments, the blossoms are the connections between friends and family, and it all grows wild when pollinated by kindred spirits.

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Treehouse is not only a place where you lay your head and store your stuff, it is a place and a space to explore through dinners and relationships, partnerships and collaborations, and at times a spoken and unspoken support, nurturing, and inspiration.

community events

Events are included. Residents get together for Sunday dinners, yoga on the roof, movie night, and anything else we create together.

community dinners

The community spaces at Treehouse belong to the residents. Just like any other home, residents can use their space to relax, have friends over, or host an event.

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our values


We commit to be kind: offering support, forgiveness, understanding, and compassion, both to myself and those around me. Kindness begins with approaching every human being in every situation as inherently worthy of love.


We commit to be present: mentally, emotionally and physically. I understand my presence is valued and significant in shaping the community’s brilliance, soul and identity. By bringing my time and talents to the community I can actively help build a new kind way of living.


We commit to be curious: to nurture our home as a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their feelings, ideas, cultures, beliefs, and gifts. We commit to regarding every interaction as an opportunity to learn.


We commit to be responsible: conscious of the effect my actions may have on others. I will create clear agreements with my fellows residents and keep up my end of these agreements. We commit to taking responsibility for keeping our space clean and being aware of our footprint in it.


We commit to be candid: to say what is true for me. When I have an issue or concern, I will speak directly with people and encourage others to do the same.

Community isn’t something you can buy. It’s something that we create together. In today’s world, knowing your neighbor has never been more important. Come meet the Treehouse residents!

When you live at Treehouse you belong to a culture that in turn belongs to you. The walls of the building are designed and curated and the tables are open and inviting. Each Treehouse family member contributes to a patchwork community, a quilt stitched from a diverse fabric that comforts and inspires.