The Treehouse Approach to Community


Treehouse is a new kind way to live. We create homes designed to foster authentic connection and supportive community.

Our world needs community

Human beings evolved to live in community. We have flourished not because of our strength or even our intellect, but our ability to work together in groups. Ironically, many of us feel increasingly alone and isolated, even as we are surrounded by more people than ever: living in cities, hanging out on social media, and playing video games. That’s why we’re creating a new kind way of living at Treehouse.

Vision for a kind community

When people are in a community they trust, they can share who they truly are and build relationships that fully support them. We aspire for Treehouse to feel like home to each resident; when you walk in the door your heart rate lowers and you can leave the stress of the day behind. Treehouse is a place where the community supports you, whether celebrating the release of your first album, lifting your spirits after losing your job, or getting in shape with the running club.

We believe that an engaged community is one where each resident finds a way to contribute that fits their passions, be it planning a menu for Sunday dinner, organizing a book club, or facilitating town hall meetings. We aspire to attract residents who are open to sharing new experiences and excited to contribute their time and talents.

Building Blocks of Community


In today’s world community does not happen by accident, it takes intention and effort. At Treehouse we have focused on two major ingredients to foster a kind community: building design and community commitments.

Building Design:Treehouse has been built from the ground up to balance community and privacy (read more about our building design here). Our communal spaces are designed for serendipitous interaction and planned events–providing our residents a canvas to create the gatherings they have always dreamt of. We also recognize that to show up as your best self in community, you need rest and rejuvenation. So we have designed private flats with private bathrooms that are beautifully furnished, sound insulated and temperature controlled.

Community Practices:

  1. Shared Practices

    A kind community takes every single one of us being purposeful in how we show up for each other. With this in mind, each member of the Treehouse community (residents and management) is asked to adopt a set of shared practices to support us in turning our values into day to day actions.

    Together at Treehouse, we commit to being: KIND, PRESENT, CURIOUS, CANDID, and RESPONSIBLE.

    • KIND

      We commit to be kind: offering support, forgiveness, understanding, and compassion, both to myself and those around me. Kindness begins with approaching every human being in every situation as inherently worthy of love.


      We commit to be present: mentally, emotionally and physically. I understand my presence is valued and significant in shaping the community’s brilliance, soul and identity. By bringing my time and talents to the community I can actively help build a new kind way of living.


      We commit to be curious: to nurture our home as a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their feelings, ideas, cultures, beliefs, and gifts. We commit to regarding every interaction as an opportunity to learn.


      We commit to be responsible: conscious of the effect my actions may have on others. I will create clear agreements with my fellows residents and keep up my end of these agreements. We commit to taking responsibility for keeping our space clean and being aware of our footprint in it.

    • CANDID

      We commit to be candid: to say what is true for me. When I have an issue or concern, I will speak directly with people and encourage others to do the same.

  2. Management Commitments

    At Treehouse, we think of our entire team as part of the community and will live by the same set of shared commitments that we ask of our residents. In addition, we recognize that as the management of the building there are additional commitments we are taking on:


      Our Treehouse “Shared Commitments” are at the core of our culture, and we recognize they are not always easy to live by. We are committed to offering ongoing tools and training to our team and residents to equip us to live by these commitments. Our team is available to provide mediation and support as requested, and in some cases will proactively address conflict in the community.

    • SAFETY

      We will do everything in our power to ensure that residents are physically safe, the building is secure, and the community is prepared for emergencies. We also commit to maintain a safe community that respects the personal boundaries of residents and welcomes each individual’s presence, identities, beliefs, and perspectives.


      Our team is committed to design, build and maintain beautiful living spaces that meet the unique needs of our community. We design these spaces to support meaningful connection, rest and rejuvenation, and playful inspiration. An onsite manager will be available daily to quickly and professionally respond to residents facilities needs.


      Treehouse is your home. We believe that a thriving community is one where residents are in the driver’s seat, working together to plan events, facilitate town hall meetings, resolve conflict, and foster a supportive environment for all. Our community manager is living on-site and is a resource to support residents, intervene if needed, and always push us toward fulfilling our commitments. Reciprocity is key – push us to do the same!


      The foundation of our community is the people who choose to live here. We commit to run a holistic application process and collaborate with Treehouse residents to attract people who embody Treehouse’s core value of kindness, and want to live in and contribute to a connected community.

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